The Hobie-Cat

The Hobie 16 – catamaran is the most frequently found common sports-catamaran world-wide and this at nearly every beach on this planet. World-wide it is chosen by more crews than all other catamaran classes.

In 1970, the Hobie-Cat 16 was designed as a larger brother of the Hobie-Cat 14 by Hobart Alter (nick-name „Hobie“) and up to now about 110,000 boats have been built and it thereby represents the world-wide largest catamaran class.

The Cat 16, compared to the 14-size is described by a far larger sail surface and in particular by a swung structure of the trunks. The boat is thereby operated at more difficulty in particular at inclination (on one of the trunks only), but at much higher speed.

Unfortunately in many vacation clubs, these boats are quasi down-graded by equipping them with smaller main sails from the Cat 14 and with no bar at the main-sail, however completely surely not with us.

With two trunks and double harness, these boats are suitable for youth, woman, mixed and man teams – and represent the world-wide largest regatta-class of multi-trunk boats.

In 1989, the Hobie-Cat 16 received it’s international status by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and became e. g. the official youth boat in Germany, in France, in the UK and in many other countries.

Next to the Cat 16, we also use Hobie-Cat 14 because this boat is ideally suitable for beginners in harness-cat-sailing and furthermore can for only less practiced sailors offer 100 % fun also as a single-sailor. With the Cat 16, this is significantly more difficult, at least in a high wind region like ours.

length: 5.11 m approx.

broad: 2.41 m approx.

sail surface: 20 square meter approx.