Dive into another world and switch off right from the start in a completely stress free package.

Wait for nothing, no running around but sailing for ALL, from the little youngster up to the cracks is waiting.

With us you just jump on the boat and start sailing…

And if that is better, then for the beginning someone will accompany you…

And if you want to learn it, then we will teach you….

If your partner does not like your sport really, then he can, then she can – spend the time at the fantastic beach, at the pool or pool bar and you can even keep eye contact during you are e.g. shooting across the bay on a Hobie Cat…..or while your children are learning how to cross up and down in a jolly-boat.

With the establishment of Zoz Sailing, I am following my own experience and desires for a fantastic vacation and at the same time for a „high-efficient switching off “ from job. I am fulfilling myself and hopefully also others a dream faraway from everyday life.

Some years ago, on a Hobie Cat 16, I have discovered for me the small island Isla de Coche that is located approximately 14 km south of the surfer domicile El Yaque on Margarita Island.

The large bay of Coche , in this strong wind district, is very suitable and outstanding for catamaran-sailing and this equally for strong wind shooting with 2 men in the harnets and a third one on the edge as ballast as well as for learning the sailing-sports in a small bath tub equipped with a sail (jolly-boat Optimist).

The very wide and flat beach is thereby just as suitable since you can land on the sand without doubts out in the harnet under good sail load, continue by pulling the boat 3 meters more upon the land, turning it into the wind and just go…for eating, for a shower or for swimming.

Learning how to sail and sailing with Zoz Sailing gives stress free vacation, also with children and family, so that all have fun at the same time and one does not even lose eye-contact to the others – and at the same time: catamaran-sailing pure with fast boats in a best district.


henning zoz
CEO, Father of Five & Nanotechnologist, Doctoral Degree in Advanced Technology CIITEC/IPN, Professor in Mexico & Japan till 2014, Manager of the Year in SW/Germany, Patents & Innovation Awards.